Unique, non-messy, non-toxic,
air-drying modelling clay for ages 3+

smurfettWe are an Irish company set up in 2011 based in Dundalk Co Louth. We offer a selection of courses, workshops and parties. The age range is 3 up to 93! We facilitate workshops at nurseries, schools, care homes and craft fairs. We also make personalised cake toppers using the lightweight, non-toxic clay.

We sell the clay in variety of different packs so whether you want to buy the clay, find out about workshops or parties order a personalised cake topper or just gain inspiration for your own clay creations I hope you enjoy our website. And finally I came up with the name while in my studio my clay characters were all displaced on the floor a friend arrived in and stated isn’t it chaotic in here I retorted its not chaotic its Clayotic. The name was born……


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Cake Toppers

Order your personalised cake toppers here. Simply fill out required form and attach a photo and we will create your very own personalised characters. All our Cake Toppers are handcrafted with care and made to order.

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Clay Shop

See our clay shop to view our full range of products. Clay comes in different colours and different sizes contaners.

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