About Clayotic

Clayotic is unique, non-messy, non-toxic, air-drying modelling clay for ages 3+. This soft and pliable modelling clay is fun to squeeze, shape and mould. Clayotic comes in 10 colours. The colours are intermixable, any shade and tone can be achieved in the colour spectrum. Clayotic has more ‘stretch’ than other brands, so fibres won’t break when pulled apart. When rolled into ball shape Clayotic bounces.

Clayotic bonds naturally so there is no need to use adhesives. No need to bake or cook your models as the clay Air-dries naturally after approx 24hours. So whatever you make it becomes a permanent keepsake after 24 hours. Clayotic is reusable when stored in the airtight tubs.

Adults and parents love the non-mess aspect of the clay unlike other brands Clayotic does not stick to hair, upholstery or carpets.

Clayotic can be used to make models, cartoon characters, magnets, decorations, key chains and baby hand/foot prints. Clayotic can be used to make name plaques, greeting cards and pictures. Clayotic shrinks very little, so it can be used over an armature including balloons.

The clay is so lightweight when dried it is perfect for cake toppers.
We also make personalised cake toppers to order more details of which are on this website.


Some of the benefits of using Clayotic.

Therapeutic: Clayotic is extremely soft to the touch the user is compelled to stretch it, squeeze it manipulate it thereby enhancing hand muscles. The clay is also pleasantly scented which also adds to therapeutic element.

Co-ordination: Determining where to place the various details on a Clayotic model encourages hand eye co-ordination.
Awareness of dimensions: When making models the largest part is constructed initially gradually working down to the finest of details.

Concentration: The maker needs to observe and analyse in order to obtain a satisfactory end product.
Alternative ways of thinking: bringing a 2d image into a 3d reality

Self –Esteem: Realising that you have created a beautiful keepsake gives the maker a sense of pride and self- satisfaction

Colour theory: The maker understands the principles of colour theory by blending different colours together.

Design skills: As each model is unique the maker must decide on the overall size shape and colour enhancing their creativity and design skills.