Modelling Instructions

stretching-the-clayWhen you take the clay from the airtight containers it is important to stretch it in order to make it more pliable.
stretching-the-clayTo mix colours, stick and stretch 2 colours together until the required colour is obtained (look at colour mixing chart. Remember due to the elasticity of the clay the clay bounces when in a ball.
rolling-a-ballA ball is probably the most basic and most useful shape to make. Take the required quantity of clay needed and roll it between both palms, using even pressure and a gentle rhythm. Ensure that the ball is as wrinkle and crease free as possible. Use it for: Making character heads and bodies and as the starting point for all the other shapes. You can also make your own beads and pearls.
the-dropletStart of with a ball again. Place on a hard surface and using your fingertips, lightly roll one half of the ball back and forth until it tapers gently at the top. This shape takes time to perfect so be patient. Use it for: making character bodies, noses, and eyebrows, flower petals and wings etc
double-dropletFollow the instructions for the droplet when you finished making the droplet simply repeat on the other side. Use it for: mouths, lips, eyes and eyelids also flower petals and leaves.
rolling-a-lineFirst roll out a ball, place it on a hard surface, position the flat of your palm on the ball and lightly roll back and forward. As the line shape begins to form, use both hands and roll from palm to fingertip until you have the required length. Use it for: mouths, hair, tails etc

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